Shoes That Grow Allow Poor Children To Comfortably Wear The Same Pair For The Next 5 Years


The Shoe That Grows is far from the most stylish pair of footwear you can slip your feet into. In terms of practical utility, though, it’s tough to beat, with its ability to adjust in size, making it ideal for growing children.

Developed for the millions of children in impoverished countries with limited access to proper footwear, the shoes are designed to provide their feet with adequate protection, all while being able to adjust in size for the next five years. They’re billing it as a better alternative to traditional shoe donations, which the children will almost always end up outgrowing sooner rather than later. With a pair like this, they won’t have to go barefoot because the only pair of shoes they owned no longer fit – the kids can simply adjust the straps to accommodate their newfound size.


The Shoe That Grows comes in two sizes: Small (which children can use from kindergarten to 4th grade) and Large (from 5th grade to 9th grade). Each one can adjust into five different sizes, ensuring they can support their owner much longer than any other pair of traditional footwear. The design is, basically a sandal, with the size easily adjusted using a series of snap closures. Construction is compressed rubber for the sole and leather for the upper, with minimum moving parts that can easily damage during use.


While you can buy a pair from The Shoe That Grows for $30, they are, of course, hoping you’ll opt to purchase to send shoes in bulk to countries where children need them. You can donate at the organization’s fundraiser over at Crowdrise.

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