Shoot Again Basketball: Nerf Hoops With Ball Return System

Many of us grew up with one of those Nerf hoops hung over the bedroom doorway, giving us a place to practice our jumpshots while lying in our knickers in bed.  The Shoot Again Basketball makes it even more convenient, returning the ball back to you as soon as the shot goes in.

Just like the  classic hoops we had in our youth, this isn’t a toy for legitimate b-ball practice.  It’s a foam basketball, after all.  Still, for pretending you’re Kevin Love hitting a crucial last-second shot from deep while chilling to your favorite music in bed, it will do.

The Shoot Again Basketball actually looks exactly like the indoor foam basketball sets of old, save with a ball return mechanism integrated right under the net.  It kind of works like the SKLZ Shoot Around, scooping up the ball and sending it back as soon as it goes through the hoop.  Just like the SKLZ, though, the ball just falls off if you miss, so think of it as extra incentive to get the shot right.  The ball feeding system can also be angled anywhere within 180 degrees, so you can practice corner threes, wing shots or jumpers from any other angle.

It comes with electronic scoring, a time clock, and authentic announcer sounds, so you can make your bedroom ballgames just a tad more lifelike.  The ball return system is purely mechanical, but the electronic parts will require 4 C-size batteries.

Sized to fit most doors, the Shoot Again Basketball is available now, priced at $59.99.

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