Upsize Your CNC Fabrication Setup With ShopBot’s Desktop MAX


In the world of digital fabrication, few things are more accessible than 3D printers. When it comes to building stuff with maximum real-world utility, however, few machines can stand up to a CNC router, with its ability to cut through wood, fiberglass, and plastic materials. There’s no shortage of desktop-sized CNC machines available, either, but if you’re looking for something just a little bigger than a hobby-grade router, we have a feeling you’ll be interested in ShopBot’s Desktop MAX.

As the name implies, this desktop-sized CNC router pushes the limit of how big desktop fabricators can get. It’s not quite the hulking machinery you’ll find in professional workshops, although it’s big enough to help you crank out pieces of wood that you can use to build real furniture.

The ShopBot Desktop MAX has a cutting area that measures 36 x 24 x 3.5 inches, allowing you to use it for more serious projects, while coming in a reasonable size that you should be able to find space for in any workshop with ease. Once properly set up, you can use it to carve wood, MDF, plastics, and even non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum), paving the way to a whole lot of potential uses. It boasts a cutting speed of 4 inches per second at a resolution of 0.00025 inch, so it’s both reasonably fast and precise.

While it doesn’t account for all the sawdust that cutting wood will obviously produce, you can attach a shop vac to the machine to remove debris and particulates as it’s cutting to ease up cleaning after a project. The best part? ShopBot’s website comes with a great selection of ready-to-go projects, including chairs, storage furniture, and home accents, that you can download for immediate use on the machine. Do note, the included software only works with PCs (sorry Mac users).

Available now, the ShopBot Desktop MAX is priced at $9,090.

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