Shower Pouch: Scrub Your Body Clean With These Oversized Wet Wipes


When you spend time in the backcountry, it’s not uncommon for hygiene to take a backseat. And while you can keep that up for a day or so, you do end up getting too dirty that you’ll have to clean up at some point. If a proper bath isn’t an option (e.g. there are no actual bodies of water nearby), the Shower Pouch offers a functional alternative.

An oversized disposable wet wipe, it lets you clean up by wiping down your entire body, giving you a viable cleaning option even without any water in sight. Whether you spend the day riding a mountain bike on dirt roads, racing side-by-sides in the desert, or partying non-stop at an outdoor festival, this thing lets you clean up all the grime, dirt, and sweat that your body has accumulated through all the day’s adventures.


While it’s not exactly the first wet wipe to be marketed to active adventurers, the Shower Pouch is the only we’ve seen that measures 24 x 12 inches, which should be large enough to let you wipe down your entire body with just a single one. We know, we would have preferred a wet wipe sized like a bath towel, too, so we can clean up in just a few wipes, but this size should allow you to clean up properly with a few minutes of vigorous scrubbing. And, yes, you can scrub as vigorously as you want – according to the outfit, the wipe is three times thicker than your standard wet wipe, so it’s not likely to tear or fray even if you scrape that sticky mud caked on your feet with the same vigor you polish wood using a sandpaper.

The wipes, by the way, are moistened with a vegan formula that’s pH balanced and hypoallergenic, so most anyone should be able to use it, regardless of their sensitivities. Based on the reviews, the formula is actually pretty potent, as it actually lifts dirt, grime, and other gunk off from your skin, so you genuinely feel clean after a wipe down. It also doesn’t leave any sticky residue, while the scent is designed to quickly dissipate, so you should stop smelling like a car freshener shortly after wiping down.


The Shower Pouch comes in three scents: bamboo, cucumber, and unscented, so you can choose which one you want to smell like after cleaning up. The wipes are designed to be reusable, by the way, so you can tuck it into a corner of your bag after use and wash it when you get home for use as a regular cleaning cloth. You know, something you can use when cleaning up in the garage, the shop, or anywhere in your home.


While obviously aimed at folks spending time in the outdoors, the wipes can actually be useful for a whole lot of folks. People getting in a quick workout before work can opt to clean up with this thing instead of a time-consuming shower. Same with folks who ride a bike to work who may end up sweaty and a little smelly.

The Shower Pouch is available now. Price is $15 for a three-pack sampler.

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