Shredder Scissors Destroys Documents In One Snip


Need to snip documents to bits but can’t afford a full freaking shredder?  Make your life easier than cutting off one end at a time with these Shredder Scissors, which uses multiple blades to slice off paper, cards, fingers and other things into numerous pieces.

Whether you’re tearing down old receipts to keep the identity thieves away, preparing a confetti shower or protecting your shady investments by disposing of the paper trail, the Shredder Scissors let you do a whole lot in one swift move.  Just  a single snip and you’ve got that incriminating photograph shredded ten ways.

Sporting nine blades and just one handle, it’s as easy to use as a regular scissor.  It’s a little heavy with all those added steel, but even your puny arms should be able to lift it up with ease.  All nine blades are bolted together with screws to ensure an even cut every time.

Of course, it’s also nine times the danger of a regular scissor, so handle it with care.  If you thought accidentally slicing your fingers with one blade was bad, imagine all nine of them cutting you at the same time.  Then, having to pour alcohol on the wounds to clean it.  Ouch.

The Shredder Scissors are available for $18.95 each.  Keep it as far away from children as possible (yes, from angry wives with sleeping husbands too).

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