Shrine Rack Lets You Turn Your Shoes Into A Display Piece

Most shoe racks do their jobs well enough, holding your kicks neatly in organized rows.  If you’d like to show off your collection of limited edition superhero sneakers, though, you would have to ask for customized shelving similar to what they use in stores.  That is, until the Shrine Rack came along.

Two versions are available: one exclusively for displaying sneakers (Sneaker Rack) and another for holding all types of shoes up a wall in a more utilitarian fashion (Shoe Rack).    Both are constructed from brushed stainless steel and are designed to work out of the box — just screw them up a wall and slap your footwear on.

The Shine Sneaker Rack holds kicks similar to the way they do it in fancy stores, with one shoe standing upright and the other held up to show off the sole.  Measuring 10.5 x 5.25 x 7.5 inches, each rack can hold most types of sneakers, although larger ones may require some padding (read: crumpled newspapers) to hold their place.

The Shine Shoe Rack, on the other hand, can hold up three pairs of shoes upright and facing each other.   As such, they extend their function beyond sneakers  and should be able to hold most types of footwear (stuff like 16-eyed boots will probably be out of the question).  They don’t bring the “hip sneaker store” appeal of the other rack, though, so they won’t exactly make for the best display shelving.

The Shine Sneaker Rack is available now for $29.99, with the Shine Shoe Rack currently on preorder (with a late September ship date) for $49.99.

[Shrine Rack via Core77]