Make Bringing Extra Shoes Neat And Easy With The Shrine Sneaker Duffel

Sure, you can throw your favorite pairs of sneakers into any bag if you want to take them along for a trip.  But why do that when you can pack them neatly in the Shrine Sneaker Duffel, a travel bag with a pair of designated compartments to hold your stash of kicks.

Made by the same guys behind the Shrine Sneaker Rack, it’s a carry-on travel bag designed for sneakerheads who want to have more than a single pair of shoes during trips.  That way, you can take your Red October Yeezy II and Adidas Pure Boost (or whatever kicks you like to rotate on a regular basis), along with the Diamond Hi Dunk you’re wearing, without mixing them up with the rest of the clothes in your luggage.

The Shrine Sneaker Duffel comes with three main compartments: a large one for your clothes and two spacious chambers, sized to hold a pair of shoes each, flanking it.  Both shoe compartments are sized to fit up to size 20 high-tops, so even dudes with monstrous feet can use it, while dudes with smaller feet might be able to cram an extra shoe if they get creative with their packing.  Inside the center compartment, it comes with a mesh pocket for holding chargers, cables, and headphones, as well as a watch pocket so you can bring a change in timepiece to match your change in shoes.  There’s also an outside front pocket for holding passports, tickets and other things you want to have easy access to, as well as a zippered rear pocket sized to hold a 10-inch tablet.  It measures 22 x 12 x 10 inches (l x w x h).

Slated to ship this month, the Shrine Sneaker Duffel is priced at $185.

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