Shrine Storage Cube: Most Awesome/Confusing Storage Box Ever

If you can have just one storage box for the bedroom dresser, you’ll naturally gravitate to the strangest yet oddly super-functional unit money can buy.   And going by that criteria, we’re willing to bet the Shrine Storage Cube will rank way up in the list of pieces you’ll consider.

Designed by architect Sigurd Larsen, the box comes with a gaggle of doors and drawers of various sizes all around it, making the darn thing look like one of those cursed magical boxes they use as props in supernatural horror films.  Seriously.  Horror pedigree notwithstanding, they sure would make a perfect storage piece for organizing jewelry, watches, pocket dumps, and other small items.

The Shrine Storage Cube measures 19.7 x 19.7 x 18.5 inches, with a crate-like shape and finish that makes it quite the interesting piece to look at.  Construction is solid oak, so the entire thing weighs a substantial 66 pounds when empty.  Each of the cabinet doors and drawers come with integrated brass locks, so you can secure your belongings under lock and key.  The largest compartment is one accessed via the top lid, which can fit a full-sized record player turntable, while the smallest is a bottom drawer that looks sized to hold small jewelry and Swiss MiniGuns.

With storage areas on every side, it can get confusing pretty fast, so you may want to put labels on there about what goes in which door.    Sigurd says the design is inspired by the labyrinth courtyards of the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Berlin.   I’m not familiar with the place, but the “labyrinth” part in the description makes me think that’s about right.

Aha Life has the Shrine Storage Cube available now, priced at $6,950.

Check It Out via The Awesomer