Shure MoveMic Lapel Mic Connects Directly to Your Phone, Eliminating the Need for a Receiver

Clip-on lapel mics have long been in circulation, with Rode making arguably the most popular ones with their Lavalier line. However, the recent explosion in content creation, especially with the rise of TikTok, have made the category more popular than ever. As such, we’ve also seen a bunch of outfits add lavaliers to their lineups, including drone outfit DJI and gaming accessories maker Razer. This time around, one of the biggest names in microphones is also making their entry into the space with the Shure MoveMic.

Designed for today’s crop of content creators, the wireless lavalier mic separates itself from the pack by not requiring a receiver, instead allowing folks to connect directly to a smartphone using the companion app (iOS and Android). That means, people can record audio straight to their phones with no need to mess with any hardware in the middle, which could make it extremely convenient for content creators who use their phones as their primary recording equipment.

The Shure MoveMic is a small lapel mic that measures a compact 46 x 22 mm and weighs just 8.2 grams, making it very discreet. According to the outfit, the mic is fitted with a custom acoustic design that enables broadcast-quality audio pickup far exceeding those you normally get from mobile mic solutions, ensuring “every note is crisp, every voice is clear, and every moment is captured with unparalleled audio fidelity.” Basically, they’re claiming these sound really, really nice.

As far as specs go, the mic gets a 50Hz to 20kHz frequency range with a tolerance of +/- 1dB, with a wireless range of up to 100 feet, so you can use this a fair distance away from the paired phone. In case you want to use it with standalone cameras or if you want to use it with mobile apps other than Shure’s own, the outfit also offers an optional wireless receiver, which can connect with your recording device via a USB-C or 3.5mm connection.

The Shure MoveMic is available in single- or dual-channel variants, so you can pick up audio from up to two mics simultaneously. They’re also IPX4-rated, so you can use it outdoors without worrying about rain, spills, or splashes damaging your recording equipment. Each mic, by the way, is equipped with a rechargeable battery that, the outfit claims, can deliver up to eight hours of audio recording between charges, with the included charging case able to hold another 16 hours’ worth of operation.

Do note, the companion app doesn’t have wide support (yet) for different social media platforms. As of release, it only supports livestreaming on Facebook, with YouTube integration coming in the spring. Basically, the fact that it can pair directly with your phone might not be that big of a selling point, considering you wont be able to use your usual apps with it without the optional receiver.

The Shure MoveMic One ,which comes with a single microphone, a charging case, and a charging cable, is priced at $249, while the dual-channel MoveMic Two retails for $349. The standalone MoveMic receiver costs another $199, but if you’d rather get a full set (receiver with two-channel lapel mics), they offer a complete bundle for $499.

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