Siemens miniTek Streams Music To Hearing Aids

Folks with deficient hearing need music, too.  And when you’re deaf, there aren’t many avenues available for listening to tunes while you’re on the road.  The Siemens miniTek changes all that.

Clad in a small black box, the device can receive signals from a wide variety of audio sources.  You get the option, of course, to use both Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack to connect it to portable sources, like phones and music players.  That doesn’t stop there, though, allowing you to tether it to e2e wireless connections, T-coil systems and a special Tek transmitter (for televisions and similar equipments).

The miniTek will then transmit this audio to any Siemens wireless hearing aids, including those completely recessed inside the canal.  It transmits audio signals to both ears, allowing listeners to hear sounds in full stereo fidelity.

Sized similar to a match box, the device can clip onto your collar or sit in your pocket, allowing for convenient use anywhere you want to enjoy your tunes.   It can connect with up to two devices at a time and includes volume controls right on the body.  The onboard rechargeable battery can stream music for up to five hours at a time.

While those of us with full hearing faculties may take something like the Siemens miniTek in stride, it should be quite the big deal for those who are hard of hearing.  You’ll need to contact your hearing specialist for pricing, though, since it’s technically a medical device. Oh yeah, don’t expect it to be cheap.

[Siemens via Engadget]