SignFail Brings Funny Engrish Signs To Your Hometown

We’ve all laughed at those funny broken English signs photographed from various parts of the world.  They’re endearing.  And let’s be honest — they’re a heck of a lot more fun compared to the boring straightforward messages you can get from the local signage shops.   So why not bring some of the hilarity in your work and home with these Engrish signs and magnets from SignFail?

Created by Etsy seller Michael Bancroft, the replica signs recreate the funny, sometimes indecipherable, broken English signage posted around the internet.  From “Free Toilet Paper, Please Cherish The Use” (a plea to conserve toilet paper) to “Erection in Progress” (cautioning people of an ongoing construction work) to “Beware The Brick In Front of You” (just in case you run into brick walls often), they have a wide collection that gives you plenty of signage options for most any situation.

SignFail offers both standard signs you can stick up a wall, as well as magnet tiles you can slap onto the fridge door.  Sizes for the signs vary depending on the message and purpose, from 2.75 x 2 inches for the magnets to 18 x 12 inches for large signs you want to keep visible from afar.  The signs are made from either acrylic perspex or plastic, with the fridge magnets coming in a glossy waterproof finish.

If you want to give your co-workers or customers a chuckle, these SignFail signs should do the trick without even trying.  Prices start at $3 for the fridge magnets and $10 up for the individual signs.

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