Silca T-Ratchet Upgrades The Bike Multi-Tool In A Huge Way


We’re big fans of the Fix-It Sticks multi-tool and its T-handle that allows you to apply serious amounts of torque during use. The Silca T-Ratchet incorporates that same design, all while reinforcing it with a gaggle of features that make it an even useful companion on the road.

Designed for cyclists, it’s a portable ratcheting mini-tool that can take any quarter-inch bit for loosening and tightening all the various fasteners holding your ride together. Whether you’re adjusting the seat post, tightening the handlebars, or doing serious repairs on the side of the trail, this thing will let you do all that with comparable ergonomics and convenience to your regular tools back at home.


The Silca T-Ratchet boasts a 72-tooth ratchet mechanism that delivers a five-degree engagement, doubling the average engagement points of most other bike multi-tools in the market. It’s forged and hardened for durability, ensuring it will last you for many years of use. You’re not stuck with just a mere T-handle either, as it’s highly-configurable, allowing you to equip it like a short reach ratchet, a long reach ratchet, a torque wrench, a regular screwdriver (just put the bit at the end of the handle), and more.


When paired with an accessory called Ti-Torque, you can use it to measure the torque on your screws and bolts, giving you a reading between 2 to 8 Nm, so you can calibrate your bike to perform its best. It comes with a hand-sewn canvas case designed to hold all the components, along with 10 bits, in a size that should conveniently fit inside one of your jersey’s back pockets.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Silca T-Ratchet. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $40.

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