Silicone Leaf Plates: Eat Dinner Like It’s The 1500s

Before some dude invented plates (which was before some dude invented taco plates), our ancestors likely ate their food out of leaves and husks.  While there’s really no reason to make life harder on yourself doing that, using leaves to serve a plateful of dishes sure sounds like a fun way to vary up the dinner table.  Since we’re not sure what leaves you’re supposed to use to get that done right, these Silicone Leaf Plates might actually be a better choice.

Designed by Nao Tamura for MoMA, these serving dishes take on the shape and appearance of leaves.  That way, you can pretend you’re dining in a rural home from several hundred years ago when people had no access to fancy ceramic dishes and all that civilized good stuff.

Because of their make, the Silicone Leaf Plates are flexible, so you can fold them up a bit to hold hotdogs or kebabs in hand just as easily as you can use them as slightly curved serving dishes for stir-fry meals and saucy grub.  Available in sets of four, they all measure the same (12.51 x 8.75 inches), but come in slightly varied shapes and colors.  You should also be able to fold them up for more compact storage.  Oh, and unlike real leaves, you can use them with microwaves, dishwashers and ovens (up to 425°F).

Do note: these things look like real leaves, so make sure to tell dinner guests not to throw them in the trash once they’re done.  The Silicone Leaf Plates are available now, priced at $80.

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