Silipint: The Missing Link Between Glass And Plastic Cups

You keep it classy.  Even when drinking trashy beer.  So instead of chugging out of a bottle or can, you pour the suds down a glass and sip from there.  Unfortunately, being classy hasn’t kept you from being clumsy, so broken glasses have become a near-constant part of your existence.  And that just won’t work.

Sure, plastic cups would eliminate those shattered pieces of glass decorating your floor on a nightly basis, but  there’s absolutely nothing classy about cheap ass plastic cups.  The Silipint offers a way out of that dilemma.

Made from rubbery silicone, the Silipint is an unbreakable drinking vessel that should make your nightly drinking habits  a less messy indulgence.  Not only will the pint not shatter when it hits the floor, it will stay intact even if you sit on it, throw it at a wall or kick it into your Football Chair for a goal.  Short of throwing the pint into a furnace, shooting it with a DoppleGlock or stabbing it with a Tri-Dagger, destroying the damn thing just doesn’t come easy.

Even better, you can play with your drinking glass (bend it, flatten it) during times of boredom without rendering it deformed — the glass will just pop right back into shape.   It’s been designed to look like a chilled glass right out of the freezer, too, so it’s just a step down the classy scale compared to a regular glass pint.

The Silipint is sold in 16oz capacities, with prices starting at $9.95.

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