Silverpac Thermostat Communicates With Your Utility Company, Plays Your Media And, Oh Yeah, Controls Your Home’s Temperature Too


Thermostats rarely get me excited.  But when something pushes your gadget buttons as much as the Silverpac, its a different story.

Quite possibly the smartest thermostat ever made, it goes beyond such banal functions as warming and cooling your house.  Your super-duper-thermostat lets you program it for automated operation during various times of the day? Not impressed! Wait…there’s more.

Like any self-respecting thermostat, you can program a 7-day cycle of temperatures on the Silverpac, allowing it to manage your heating and air conditioning all on its own.  It doesn’t stop there, though, taking things about ten steps further.   Not only will it keep tabs on your energy usage (it warns you of appliances that use up too much power), it can communicate directly with utility companies, so they don’t have to read your meter every month.


Sporting a 7-inch touchscreen with a beautifully laid-out interface, it lets you view and interact with a whole slew of information – from current temperatures to the weather to the time.   It comes with Z-Wave home automation, allowing you to manage lights and appliances from a single console.  Network media player capabilities are built-in too, as it’s equipped with Wi-Fi, speakers and an FM tuner.  It comes with various widgets (emails, stock prices) and built-in flash storage (up to 4GB) as well, just for the heck of it.

The Silverpac, quite simply, sounds like the all-in-one of thermostats.  Sure, it sounds like overkill, but you can’t help but want one, can you?