Does The World Need a Dust-Proof And Splash-Proof PC Case? These Guys Think So


Does the world really need a splash-proof and dust-proof PC chassis? Probably not. If you’re familiar with how dirty the insides of a desktop PC can get after not being opened for six months or more, however, then you’ll probably want the SilverStone Mammoth Series MM01 just to avoid the horror of opening a PC filled with dust and gunk.

That’s right, someone built a PC that’s impenetrable to dust and splashes, ensuring you can open it at any time without the shock of seeing every component covered in a thick pile of dirt. The splash-proofing means you can safely drink on your workstation without fear of spilling anything on your gaming rig, either, so you can be careless with that coffee, juice, or beer without suffering any consequences.


The SilverStone Mammoth Series MM01 looks like an ordinary desktop tower – you know, the kind you’ll probably have sitting under your desk at the office. Inside that nonchalantly-styled case, however, sits a HEPA filter that keeps out dust and airborne contaminants, ensuring the inside of your PC never looks like it’s been gathering dust with the rest of the boxes sitting in the attic. That filter, by the way, is designed to be easily accessible, so you can quickly swap in a fresh filter once the current one is due for a replacement.

To keep water out, it comes with a sealed top panel and an anti-splash grille in both the front and rear, ensuring there are no openings where water can easily slip through. That means, all openings where spills can easily get into your system in traditional desktops are non-existent here, ensuring liquids cannot easily penetrate the rig. Construction is steel for the frame and the body panels, plastic for the grille, and aluminum for the door panel.


Inside, the SilverStone Mammoth Series MM01 can accommodate extended ATX, SSI-EEB, and SSI-CEB motherboards, so this should handle most any type of board for desktop setups (yes, even some multi-CPU boards). The motherboard tray is completely removable, too, so you can pull it out completely to upgrade components if you want, with an oversized cutout that can accommodate CPU cooler backplates. There are also two drive bays sized for 5.25-inch hard disks, as well as a removable hard drive cage with slots for up to five additional disks. It can accommodate graphics cards up to 13.3 inches long and 6.69 inches wide.


Two 180mm Air Penetrator intake fans with speed dial controls are situated out front right behind the grille, which should work in conjunction with a 120mm fan slot in the rear. Other features include eight expansion slots, support for CPU coolers up to 183mm, built-in routing pathways for organized cable management, and a size of 10.7 x 21.3 x 23.5 inches (width x height x depth). Do note, there’s no power supply onboard, so you’ll have to buy one separately.

Slated to come out May 31st, the SilverStone Mammoth Series MM01 is priced at $299.

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