Attachable Accessories Turn The Hammer Slingshot Into A Powerful Slingbow


Yes, it looks like an erstwhile normal slingshot – you know, the kind kids play with to shoot at cans and bottles during bored summer afternoons. Except, the SimpleShot Hammer can be reinforced with multiple attachable accessories, allowing you to turn an erstwhile regular slingshot into a powerful hunting weapon.

Billed as “the most advanced adult slingshot in the market,” it sports a hammer grip that allows you to clutch it like a pistol, providing a stronger and more intuitive grip than those found in traditional forked stick designs. Even better, it uses Ocularis Plugs to attach the bands to the fork, allowing it to support both flat and tubular bands, apart from providing infinite adjustments, allowing for easy installation, and delivering even stronger force.


More than a simple slingshot, the SimpleShot Hammer comes with an interchangeable head that allows you to turn it into a powerful slingbow. That’s right, you can use this for bowhunting, bowfishing, and shooting arrows into zombie skulls, apart from firing stones into bottles and trying to hit two birds with one stone (I mean, I want to know if it’s possible, too). A removable wrist brace allows you to equip it for more stable shooting, with a clever design that allows you to fold it into the fork so the whole thing can fit in your pocket. It even comes with a rail at the bottom for mounting a variety of accessories.


Available now, the SimpleShot Hammer is priced at $99.98.

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