Singing Machine Home Brings Karaoke Into Elegant Places

You’ve always wanted to buy a karaoke machine, but everything you’ve seen just looks so tacky, making it way out of place when brought into your palatial mansion.  Ah, rich people problems.  Not to worry, though, as someone just made a classier-looking karaoke machine for people like you: the Singing Machine Home.

While made by the same people who make some of the funky looking karaoke machines money can buy, this one embraces an admittedly more sophisticated aesthetic.  Boxy amp-looking monstrosities?  None of that.  Tacky colorful plastic things?  Nah. Finally, a karaoke machine that won’t feel so out of place next to the overpriced sound system in your entertainment center.

The Singing Machine Home consists of an orb-shaped Bluetooth speaker and a hybrid microphone-remote shaped like a computer mouse.  The speaker, which features 2.1 omnidirectional sound, two tweeters and a subwoofer, can be used as a regular wireless speaker, playing back tunes streamed from your phone, tablet or PC.  Plug it to your TV’s HDMI, though, and it turns into a full-featured karaoke machine, giving you instant access to over 8,000 karaoke music videos.   Use the mic-remote hybrid to choose songs (you can line up as many tracks as you want, as with regular karaoke machines), then sing right into the same handheld contraption as soon as the video loads.

The speaker/karaoke machine measures 11.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches tall, with a reflective bottom cabinet that allows it to blend seamlessly into any surroundings.  Do note, it requires Wi-Fi internet access to fetch the song library, so it’s not a standalone system for karaoke parties while camping in the middle of nowhere.  For holding karaoke showdowns in the living room, however, this sounds like the perfect fit.

Best Buy is going to be selling the Singing Machine Home in late October, priced at $299.

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