Sip Hard With A Titanium Straw

Plastic straws are useful.  But they’re also additional garbage the world could do without.  If you’d rather opt for straws that you can wash for re-use many times over, it’s probably hard to do better than this Titanium Straw.

That’s right, it’s a drink-sipping tool made in food-grade, ultra-tough titanium.  No more using once and throwing away — you can use it again and again, just like the rest of your non-disposable silverware.

The 7-inch long Titanium Straw has an inner diameter of 5.35mm and a bend angle of 40 degrees for more comfortable sipping performance.  Tasteless and odorless, it won’t alter any of your favorite beverage’s qualities, so your homemade rootbeer will taste just as bad as it always has.

Since titanium is a super hard material, the straw won’t break, crumple or take any form of damage from normal use, regardless of how you use it.  In fact, the product page recommends stabbing it directly into fruit (like orange and grapefruit) to drink the juice.  We don’t know if you can stick it into human necks to siphon their blood, but it wouldn’t hurt to try (well, I guess it will hurt the guy being stabbed).

Want one?  Thinkgeek has the Titanium Straw available now, priced at $14.99.