SISU War Hammer Is A Weight-Adjustable Sledgehammer For Core Training

Getting bored with the same rope-climbing and stationary cycling workout you’ve been doing the last half year?  Instead of giving up on your fitness activities (like you always do), mix up some Thor-like stuff-smashing with the SISU War Hammer, a badass-looking training sledgehammer.

Designed for sledge workouts, it features a semi-hollow head that’s fully loaded with removable lead shots (the back plate detaches for loading).  That way, you can adjust the weight as needed, allowing you to start light and gradually add up as you get the hang of whacking tires over and over.

Sporting a 38-inch handle (and a 4-inch tall head), the SISU War Hammer is longer than conventional sledgehammers.  This gives it more leverage than usual, giving you room to exert maximum force with every swing.  Made with hard steel (the website says it’s indestructible), it should work for more than conditioning and core exercises, too — we’re pretty sure you can smash cars and walls in ugly ways with this thing in your hands.

When the head is empty, the entire thing weighs just 14 lbs., which should prove a good starting point for novice sledgehammer training (I’ve seen people recommend 10 to 14 lbs. for beginners).  When filled with sand, the thing weighs 20 lbs.; with lead shots, it goes up to 28 lbs.

The SISU War Hammer is available from Rogue Fitness, priced at $125.

[Rogue Fitness]