Sitpack Campster 2 Camp Chair Supports 300 Pounds While Folding Into A Bottle-Sized Bundle

Like many backpacking camp chairs, the Sitpack Campster 2 can collapse into a compact pile that’s barely bigger than a water bottle. Unlike them, this one’s a sturdy beast, allowing it to support weights of up to 300 pounds, ensuring even heavyset individuals can use it to give their legs a rest at the campsite.

An updated version of the outfit’s original camp chair, it retains the portable form factor of its predecessor, allowing you to slip it in a bottle pocket on your pack, ready to deploy anytime you need something to sit on. Except, this one has a sturdier base, a lower seat height, and a faster setup time, which, the outfit believes makes it an overall better “foldable adventure chair.”

The Sitpack Campster 2 has a one-piece design that deploys using an easy grab-and-pull system, allowing it to set up in as little as five seconds. That’s right, you can get a chair to sit on as soon as you stop for a quick break during a hike, making it a very convenient gear to have on hand at all times.  It comes with four legs cut in aircraft aluminum, with a wide base that allows it to maintain stability at all times, even in rougher, more uneven terrain. The legs, by the way, can be used with an optional ground sheet that, the outfit claims, will keep the individual legs from digging through softer ground (e.g. sand), allowing you to maintain a comfortable posture even after sitting down for extended periods.

The seat measures 19 inches wide, so there’s enough room to accommodate most individuals, with a deep seat, so you can really slide in and stretch your legs. And yes, you’ll need to slide in to really give your legs a break, since the chair has a tad shorter seat height at 12 inches than its predecessor. According to the outfit, the combination of this seat height and the chair’s slight recline is designed to let you lean back and relax comfortably for hours, while still allowing you to easily slide forward when you need to reach for something.

The Sitpack Campster 2 comes with a seat fabric cut in 600D ripstop nylon, so it’s as durable as they come, with mesh sections at strategic points for proper airflow. Want something more comfortable than rugged nylon? Not a problem, as they offer two types of covers you can put over the seat. For windy days, there’s warm and windproof quilted nylon seat cover; for colder days, there’s the thick and cushy fleece for extra warmth.

Features include two large pockets on the sides, an insulated koozie (sized to hold bottles and cans alike), four gear loops, swappable rubber feet, and a locking button that keeps it from accidentally deploying. When collapsed, it measures just 13.4 x  3 inches (length x diameter) and weighs 3.2 pounds, so you can literally fold this up, squeeze it in a bag pocket, and take it anywhere.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Sitpack Campster 2. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $69.

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