Sitskie Block Bench: This Wooden Bench Conforms To Your Body’s Curves


While the Sitskie Block Bench has a finely-crafted appearance that makes it interesting all on its own, it gets even more fascinating once you actually plop down and rest your body on its surface. Instead of maintaining its form like all wooden furniture are supposed to, the surface actually bends and compresses, accommodating your curves the same way foam or similar cushions would.

Using a patented “cushioned block system,” the bench combines the durability, cleanliness, and beauty of solid wood with the adaptability of furniture cushions, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of both without any compromises. Whether you’re sitting alone on the bench, sharing it with friends, or plopping your entire body down for a nap, this thing provides a fascinating experience unlike any furniture we’ve seen.


You know how most cushioned furniture is done by layering the cushion on top of the wooden frame? Well, the Sitskie Block Bench does the opposite, layering a cushion with multiple wooden blocks, enabling the seating surface to actually conform to the curves of whoever’s using it. When no one’s sitting, it reverts back to the original form, looking like any regular wooden bench you’ve seen many times before.


Designed by Adam Friedman, the bench is made from solid walnut, with foam and fabrics layered on the inside to enable the shape-adjusting capabilities. It should sit up to three people comfortably (or four, likely uncomfortably).

Available in three finishes (natural, ghost, and dark stained), the Sitskie Block Bench is priced at $4,000.

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