Six Shooter Shave Brush: Manly Tools For Manly Shaving

Using a badger brush, soap and straight razor is the real manly way to shave (no, there’s nothing manly about a $100,000 razor).  You just can’t get your head around the fact, however, that your shave brush looks like one of those things women use to apply make up to their face.  Put an end to the accessory confusion with the Six Shooter Shave Brush, an unmistakably masculine tool for lathering your face up.

Instead of an ornate decorative body like they used in the old days, these brushes come with a revolver handle.  Yes, it’s still ornate and decorative, but it’s about as masculine as you get in these modern times.  That way, no one will ever mistake your shave brush as a part of your lady’s make up kit — definitely a good thing (unless, of course, you’re trying to convince your friends that you have an imaginary girlfriend living with you or something).

The Six Shooter Shave Brush doesn’t use an actual revolver from a gun, but a close replica hand-crafted from high-grade anodized aluminum.  At the bottom of each handle are authentic bullet casings attached to the revolver just like on a real pistol.  The 20mm badger brush is removable, so you can just tack on a replacement when the fine strands start to show some wear.

A good variety of Six Shooter Shave Brush designs are available, all built on either .44 caliber or .38 caliber revolver replicas.  You can order them directly from the product website, priced at $149.

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