Sixpack Is Like A Modified Coathanger For Toting Bottles Of Beer


How do you carry six bottles of beer using a single hand?  With one of those racks you got the beer with from the convenience store, of course.  Oh wait, that thing rips too easy.  The appropriately-named Sixpack from Dutch designer Oooms, which looks like a winding coathanger, should prove a more durable choice.

Sure, the appearance resembles a resculpted slab of wire salvaged from the neighborhood trash, but if it does the job, I ain’t complaining.  From the looks of it, I think it’s going to pull off hoisting half-a-dozen bottles easily too.

The Sixpack is a 25 x 10 x 5 cm carrying rack that can hold up to six beer, water and soda bottles.  Built out of a single piece of steel that’s bent and welded into shape, it integrates two lines of three slots each and a comfy-looking handle up top.  It’s a testament to minimalism, both in materials and function, so it won’t do anything else.  Could have been awesome if a bottle opener were built in somewhere…

On that note, I’d actually love to see the same design turned into a bigger carrying rack.  If you can pull off enough slots for six beers, why not throw twelve into that thing?  That way, I can lug around an entire 24-bottle case on two hands and get all my friends soused.  Win.

[Oooms via Gadget Lab]