Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel For All Your Wiping Needs

You love bacon.  And you have rolls upon rolls holed up in your freezer to prove it.  Heck, you even bought a gamut of bacon novelties, like that bacon perfume in your dresser, those bacon band-aids in your medicine cabinet and the bacon hot sauce you lace your dinners with on a nightly basis.   But you need something more pronounced, something that will announce to everyone who enters your kitchen that bacon rules this household.  You need this Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel.

Got ketchup and mustard around the sides of your mouth?  Wipe it on the bacon towel.  Got some of that pasta sauce on your arm?  Wipe it on the bacon towel.  Need to dry your hands after washing the dishes?  Wipe it on the bacon towel.  Yes, bacon isn’t just indispensable to your nutrition, it’s now a necessity in every minute you spend in the kitchen.

The Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel is a long kitchen towel that looks like a giant slice of bacon.  Measuring 37.4 x 9.84 inches (l x w), it makes for quite a sight in the kitchen, whether hanging off the fridge door, draped across the oven handle or just laid out in the dining table.  Bad news: it’s not made from meat.  Good news: except for the unique bacon print and shape, it’s actually a regular machine-washable towel made from 100% polyester, which means you can wipe your hands on it without getting icky grease on your skin.

Thinkgeek has the Sizzling Bacon Tea Towel available now, priced at $17.99.

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