This Clever Mechanism Adds Foot Operated Brake To Your Skateboard

Overspeeding isn’t typically a problem with skateboards.  Unless you’re riding downhill on a looooong stretch of road, that is.  Too bad skateboards don’t come with brakes.  At least, they didn’t used to.  Not anymore with the Apex V-Brake.

Created by longtime skater and surfer Patrick McDowell, it’s a foot brake that sets up right by the board’s rear axle, allowing you to regulate downhill speed without burning a hole through your favorite pair of skate shoes (or downright losing your toes).   Just kick at the mechanism’s protruding bar and the brakes activate — letting you slow down or come to a complete halt at any point in your run.

Designed for easy installation, the Apex V-Brake sets up with no wires, no cables, and no board modifications.  Simply mount it at the rear of the deck and you’re ready to go.  It’s non-marking, too, so your deck incurs no additional damage when you decide to take out the assembly.  Construction is powder-coated aluminum, ensuring the entire setup can survive rugged use, all while being lightweight at just 3.6 ounces.  It comes in two versions, one with a regular stance and another with a goofy stance.

You can get the Apex V-Brake from Skate Safe Products, priced at $59.

Check It Out via TheAwesomer