SkaterTrainer Turns Skateboards Into Practice Boards Really Helping You Learn New Tricks

Learning a new skateboard trick entails a lot of trial and error, usually accompanied with a heaping of scrapes and the occasional broken bone.  That’s just how it’s always been.  But who says it has to be that way going forward?  Definitely not the guys behind SkaterTrainer.

A tool that makes learning new skate tricks simpler and safer, it attaches to the board’s wheels, keeping it from moving before and after performing a trick.  Basically, it lets you practice kickflips, ollies, and other tricks while your board stays in place, so you can develop your muscle memory without having a bodypart crash into the pavement every other time.

The SkaterTrainer are thick rubber fittings designed to wear over the wheels on your skateboards. When slid onto the wheels, they render them unable to spin, creating a stationary board that can stay in place even while you shake and wiggle on top of the deck.  They, essentially, turn your Corbus skateboard into a functional practice board, making for a cheaper (compared to buying a practice board) yet equally viable alternative.  It can fit all standard-sized skateboard wheels.

Will this turn you into a veritable trick machine with the deck?  Heck, no.  You’ll still need to develop your balance while the board is moving, after all (and you can’t do tricks on a stationary board to develop that).  When it comes to building muscle memory for seeing quick progress, though, we imagine it’s an extremely solid tool.

Available exclusively from the official website, SkaterTrainer retails at $19 for a set of four.

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