SKEYE Nano Drone Is The Flying Cockroach Quadcopter We Never Knew We Wanted


In the world of drones, the SKEYE Nano Drone may very well be the housefly of the bunch. It’s tiny enough to slip into nooks and crannies, annoying enough to see buzzing around the house, and probably fragile enough that you can destroy it by swatting it with the hardest slap you can muster. But, darn it, the little pest looks so much fun.

Billed as “the world’s smallest quadcopter,” it measures in around the size of a cockroach at just 1.57 x 1.57 inches. That’s so tiny, you can drop it in your shirt pocket and take it everywhere, letting you launch a little rotor-powered pest that will bug people any place you go.


What makes the SKEYE Nano Drone special, though, is its impressive flight performance, a credit to its combination of high thrust, low weight, and six-axis stabilization that leads to amazingly responsive controls. Backward flips? Yes, this thing can do that. Barrel rolls? You already know. Banked turns? Yes, please. Seriously, it’s like watching a talented cockroach deliver a scintillating flying performance before you spray insecticide all over it. Even better, it’s “throw to fly,” with an automatic stabilizing mechanism that will get it leveled in a jiffy.


Because of the size, battery is limited to providing eight-minute flights before requiring a recharge, so you’ll have to bring along a power bank if you’re going to use it anywhere without an outlet in sight. Other features include a 2.4GHz controller, a maximum distance of 164 feet, three levels of controller sensitivity (beginner, medium, expert), and onboard LEDs for flying in the dark.

Want one? The SKEYE Nano Drone is priced at $59.

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