Skull Wall Mirror Lets You Look Like A Supervillain Every Morning

That GQ Mirror you have by the closet is awesome, allowing you to feel like a male model every time you fix your hair in the morning. It’s a great help when you need that little extra boost of self-esteem and confidence to begin your day. But what about those mornings when you want to walk around all wicked and sinister, like when you’re holding tough negotiations with suppliers or competing in an ironman triathlon? Feel like an absolute supervillain bearing evil intentions with this Skull Wall Mirror.

A mirror clad in the form of a skull, it makes you look like a sibling of Captain America’s red-headed archenemy every time you stare at your reflection on it. Seriously, you can imagine what you’ll look like if a mad scientist plastic surgeon carved your head in the shape of a bare skull, then drew lines on it for his own amusement. Yikes.


The Skull Wall Mirror measures 6 x 10 inches (w x h), so it’s big enough to get a good look at your face while fixing your hair, putting on eyeliner, or popping the zit that grew out of your nose first thing in the morning. It’s precision die cut, complete with etched lines that serve to accentuate the skull profile. Designed for easy mounting, it comes with pre-applied adhesive backing, so you can simply peel off the rear cover and press it to the wall.

Want one? You can order the Skull Wall Mirror from Gama Go, priced at $10.

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