Skully P1 Motorcycle Helmet Has Built-In HUD, Camera Provides Rear View, GPS And More

Jetpacks, robot butlers, and flying cars have not quite made it into our version of the future yet.  And while that’s definitely sad, we’re not exactly bereft of the amazing technologies sci-fi, comic books, and video games have promised us.  So life is still good.  And if you want to feel like you’re in a more advanced future the next time you ride your custom cafe racer, we highly recommend putting on a Skully P1 Motorcycle Helmet.

Arguably the motorcycle helmet of choice for the modern digital lifestyle, it comes with a built-in heads-up display that provides “advanced situational awareness,” giving you greater control of the riding experience while keeping your eyes on the road the whole time.  While wearing the helmet, you, basically, get your field of view surrounded by a whole host of useful information, similar to the cyborgs in movies when they show scenes from their point of view.  Yeah, being part-cyborg is definitely an awesome future, indeed.

The Skully P1 is a full-face motorcycle helmet with DOT and ECE approval, so it’s actually certified safe by evil bureaucrats who make life harder for people in the fast lane.   It features tri-composite fiberglass construction, laser-cut cheek pads, and an everything-resistant lockable visor lens with quick release for fast shield swabs.  The main innovation, however, is the Synapse Heads-Up Display system that turns it into a veritable treasure trove of riding information attached to your face.

What appears on the HUD?  Two things. One, there’s a rear view camera feed that provides a 180-degree angle (the helmet has built-in optics installed), allowing you to see, at a glance, anything happening behind you, as well as to your left and right — no need to turn your head whatsoever.   Second, it shows a real-time GPS map with turn-by-turn navigation, which is integrated with the camera feed in a simple and intuitive interface.  The display appears outside of the main field of view, approximately 6 meters away, so your eyes can stay fixed in front where it needs to.  Other features include smartphone integration (via Bluetooth, where you can use voice commands to interface with your phone) and a continuous battery life of 9 hours.

As of now, the company is inviting people to apply for beta testing in advance of the Skully P1 Motorcycle Helmet’s 2014 release.  You can sign up from the link below.

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