Turn Your Book Collection Into City-Themed Décor Using The Skyline Shelf


Like many people, there’s a good chance you’ve long moved on from printed books to digital editions. However, there remains the occasional gem that you’d prefer to own in the form of hardcovers or paperbacks. And while you can stack them on the floor, hide them in a cabinet, or stick them on a regular shelf, why not use them as a gorgeous home accent with the help of this Skyline Bookshelf?

Made by Turin-based Mabele, it’s a wall-mounted bookshelf that makes your collection of printed matter look like they’re part of a bustling metropolis filled with towering skyscrapers. When empty, it looks an upstart commercial center with only a few buildings scattered about, which you can populate by adding a few more volumes into the collection. Heck, you can even throw in a a LEGO Attack Robot in there if you want to have a rampaging automaton terrorize your wall-mounted city.


To better sell the cityscape effect, the Skyline Bookshelf’s bookends and dividers feature window shapes that contrast with the storage furniture’s color, making them look like skyscrapers all on their own. Construction is Italian steel, so it should be sturdy and substantial, with a size of 35 x 44 x 7 inches, making it a good fit for a small collection of treasured volumes.


Available in a variety of color finishes, the Skyline Shelf is priced at $1,550.

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