Build A Mini-City Of Gifts With The Skyline Wrapping Paper

Whether it’s for Christmas, weddings, or any other occasion, I hate wrapping up gifts.  I’m horrible at it, they’ll tear it open anyway, and I’m really horrible at it.  Seeing this Skyline Gift Wrap, however, makes me want to get good at gift wrapping.  Seriously, I’m excited about wrapping up tons of gifts for the first time.

Made by Suck UK, it’s erstwhile regular wrapping paper, the same kind you can get from any gift shop for making your crappy gifts look very presentable while they sit on a table somewhere during a party.  Unlike any other gifts wraps, though, each of the sheets come printed with a building façade, essentially turning any box you wrap into an awesome-looking 3D building.

Available in four designs, the Skyline Gift Wrap lets you build a veritable mini-city.  The buildings look like regular neighborhood apartment structures as opposed to sprawling skyscrapers, so this will be great for building inner city dioramas if you’re into that kind of stuff.  No exact sizes of the sheets are listed, but the product page says they’re “supersized” so we’re guessing you can use this for longer boxes, in case you’re wrapping up an apocalypse shotgun for a survivalist uncle or a long sword for the weird brother-in-law who fancies himself a samurai (don’t judge, you did stupid things in your youth, too).

The Skyline Gift Wrap is available now, priced at £3 each.

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