Use Skysaver To Spiderman Your Way Out Of Burning Buildings


Do you have lingering fears of experiencing a T-virus outbreak while working from the confines of your office in the 30th floor? How about a massive fire while sleeping inside your high-rise condo unit?   Sure, you can keep a parachute or rappelling gear on hand to have a means of escape when all other exits are blocked, but we have a feeling you’ll find the Skysaver just a little less daunting to use.

Described as the “ultimate portable survival kit for occupants of a multi-story building,” it’s a backpack housing an integrated cable system that you can use to safely escape through the window during emergencies. Simply clip the cable to a secure anchor point, exit the nearest window, and start making your way down – the onboard mechanism will take care of automatically and deliberately controlling your descent, slowly lowering you to safety.

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The Skysaver’s controlled descent mechanism will lower its users at a speed of 6.6 feet per second, helping you escape at a fast enough rate without feeling like you’re in a freefall drop. Everything is done automatically, too, so as long as you can muster the courage to actually jump from the window ledge and let the mechanism take over, there’s no need for any sort of training. It uses a high-strength cable that’s also fire-resistant, so it should be able to get you to safety even with a big fire raging. While you can clip the cable to a window frame, the company recommends installing their anchor bolts on a structural beam or a joist on the floor, then using that to anchor the cable as you make your escape.


It comes in three models, with varying cable lengths: 80 feet, 160 feet, and 260 feet. Each one is designed to strap securely using a full-body harness (including two leg loops), so there’s no chance of slipping any time during descent.

Available starting this month, pricing for the Skysaver starts at $749.

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