Skyscraper Vertical Roller Coaster Towers At Over 500 Feet Tall


Most roller coasters take you on a climbing, diving, looping trail around a track that takes a good chunk of lot space. That’s not what the Skyscraper does. Instead, it does the same stomach-turning moves as other roller coasters around a track that stretches vertically to heights reaching 535 feet.

Created by US Thrill Rides for a new entertainment facility called Skyplex in Orlando, the “vertical” roller coaster will feature climbs, dives, twists, loops, and inversions along the perimeter of the hulking tower, creating a vertical riding experience that’s very different from anything else currently available across theme parks and amusement facilities. Of course, it will still end up with you wanting to expel your lunch through your mouth, but, at least, the path to get there will be something fresh.


Because of the smaller riding space on the Skyscraper, the cars will be small. The current models are limited to two rows of four seats, with a maximum of three cars expected to be on the track at the same time. Each ride will last around four minutes, which is, pretty much, standard for the current generation of big-draw roller coaster rides.  The peak of the tower will have a circular observation deck, where visitors can admire a view of the surrounding area from a 500-foot giant’s point of view.

Skyplex, which will host the Skyscraper, is expected to break ground in 2015, although the ride itself won’t be available until 2017. The entire facility, which covers half a million square feet, will house an extensive entertainment complex that includes rides, restaurants, bars, gaming centers, and retail stores.

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