Slappy Cakes Lets You Make Your Own Breakfast – So Does my Wife


Love pancakes, but hate the crappy ones all the fastfoods, diners and restaurants serve?  Put your frying pan where your mouth is at Slappy Cakes, a restaurant where you make your own damn flapjacks before you eat it.

Yep, it’s like one of those Asian Shabu-Shabu affairs where you’ve got cooking equipment set in the middle of the table.  Instead of frying and stewing gear, though, you get a griddle within arm’s length, allowing you to fix up a pile of battercakes any way you see fit.

Restaurant patrons can choose from a variety of batter options, such as buttermilk, pumpkin, vegan and gluten-free.  You order it from the waiters by the bottle ($1 for every 8 oz), along with the maple syrup and any additional ingredient you’d like to lace your pancakes with.  There’s a good choice of items available for even more customizations, including chocolate, nuts and berries.  Now, if your breakfast still tastes like crap, then you only have yourself to blame.

For those who’d rather sit through their meals without having to worry about making them, Slappy Cakes also has a regular full-service menu (yes, it includes pancakes), so you can lay back and let the in-house staff ready your grub (allowing you to blame them if it sucks).  Even better, the restaurant serves organic fare grown in their own backyard kitchen and focuses on sustainable industry practices.

They’re in Portland, Oregon if you’d like to pay them a visit.  Check out the restaurant website (link below) for the full address and menu.

[SlappyCakes via Springwise]