SlapSee Sunglasses Use Springy Rims To Double As Slap Bracelets When Not In Use


Remember those slap bracelets that all the kids wore in the 90s? Well, someone took the classic design and made it better, adding a pair of sunglasses to the mix. Seriously, that’s exactly what these SlapSee Sunglasses are.

A pair of sunglasses that you wear to shield your eyes from the sun, it can transform into a wearable slap bracelet, so you don’t have to be stuck wearing sunglasses on your head or hanging it on your shirt once you get indoors. Granted, bracelets with big-ass lenses aren’t exactly the prettiest thing to adorn your wrist, but you can be the only guy in the whole room wearing sunglasses on your wrist. That’s kind of awesome in a… not so awesome kind of way.


SlapSee uses a folding hinge right on the frame’s nose bridge, so the glasses can fold sideways, forming the shape of a giant watch. The glasses’ rims are made from that bendy slap bracelet material, allowing them to quickly secure around your wrist. Don’t really want to be the fashion-forward character wearing sunglasses on your wrist? Not a problem, since you can slap it on most anything where the band can wind around, like your bike’s handlebars, your travel bottle, or the spine on your chair’s backrest.


It uses dark tinted lenses that with a UV-400 grade rating, so it’s going to block those nasty UV rays like any good pair of sunglasses. Frames are made from plastic, with the band/temples clad in silicone-coated spring.

Available now, the SlapSees are priced at $39.95.

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