Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Self-Adjusts Firmness For Perfect Support In Every Sleeping Position


Chances are, you’ve chanced across Sleep Numbers’ adjustable beds from one of the many TV infomercials it’s been running since the 90s. They’ve always stayed ahead of the pack in terms of technology, introducing ever-increasing amount of features in succeeding models. Their latest, the Sleep Number 360, continues the trend, hooking the furniture up to the internet-of-things, along with various intelligent features.

Aside from the perennial rise and recline capability, the new bed comes with self-adjusting air chambers that allow it to fully support the shape of your body, regardless of your sleeping position. Whether you sleep in one place like a giant log or turn every few minutes, the self-adjusting capability ensures you get the perfect balances of firmness and softness to ensure total comfort.


The Sleep Number 360 also has a sensor that can detect snoring, automatically raising part of the bed to tilt your head upwards and kill the grunting sound. A heated section at the lower area will keep your feet toasty to help you fall asleep easier, all while automatically switching off when it detects you’ve caught onto slumber, while integrated lights serve as guides whenever you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Of course, any tech-packing bed isn’t complete without a built-in sleep monitor. In this case, the SleepIQ will track heart rate, motion, and breathing, the readings for which you can review from the accompanying app.


No word on pricing, but the Sleep Number 369 will come out in the first half of 2017.

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