Packable Sleep Number It Bed Comes With High-Tech Smarts


Like many new bed products in the market, the Sleep Number It Bed comes packaged in a highly compact box, making it a whole lot easier to transport than traditional mattresses. Unlike them, it’s not just a high-quality foam mattress that can give you a good night’s rest, as it comes with tech that allows to do so much more.

While other boxed beds simply require you to wait for the mattress to fully expand after taking out, this one can be customized to provide the exact level of firmness you desire. That’s because it uses foam-filled air chambers at strategic parts of the mattress, each of which can be individually controlled from an accompanying app. It’s just a one-time set up, either, as you can adjust the feel of the bed as your requirements change at any time.


The Sleep Number It Bed connects to your phone via Bluetooth, as well as to your home network via Wi-Fi, which it uses to send your sleep data to the cloud for analysis. Onboard sensors allow it to monitor motion, heart rate, and breathing all throughout your slumber, all of which you can review, along with the analysis, from the accompanying app. It can also pull data from fitness trackers and other devices you’re using, such as your heart rate from a chest-strapped sensor (for better accuracy) or a smart thermostat (to see how temperature affects your sleep) to add to its analysis. The system can track readings for up to two people in a single bed at the same time.


Pricing for the Sleep Number It Bed starts at $799.

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