Sleepbox Concept Is Like A Vending Machine For Hotels


I hate traveling.  More than dealing with all the hassles associated with jumping from place to place, the sleep deprivation is really what gets to me.  Maybe the Sleepbox, a veritable vending machine that lets you sneak in a quick nap, will make it easier for me.

Designed for public facilities, such as airports, malls and train stations, the concept service looks to provide a temporary sleeping area for world-weary travelers of all sorts.  Simply pay for one-time use at a shared terminal (increments of fifteen minutes), get an electronic card, find a vacant unit and hit the bunk.


Each Sleepbox measures 2 x 1.4 x 2.3 meters, with a 2 x 0.6 meter bed situated inside.  It comes with its own ventilation system, sound alerts and some sockets for charging your electronics.  In case you want to use it as a mobile office of sorts, they can throw in an LCD TV and Wi-Fi, among other amenities.  The bed uses a flexible strip of foamed polymer for linen, which allows for an automated changing system that replaces it as soon as a client exits.  The bottom of the lounge can be used for luggage.


I’m sold, where do I sign up?  Unfortunately, it’s just a concept urban solution from Russian architects Arch Group, though, I wouldn’t mind seeing a dozen of them or so in every airport I visit.   Since it’s essentially a 15-minute motel of sorts, I’m sure you’re already thinking of using the Sleepbox as a quickie room for getting some nasty stuff done.  That’s gross.  Of course, I was thinking it too.

[Dezeen via Dvice]