Slice Safety Cutter Tears Through Paper And Plastic Safely

Need a better cutting tool for your scrapbooks and craft projects?  Try the Slice Safety Cutter, a ceramic blade designed for quick, safe and effective shearing.

Measuring 0.5 x 4.8 x 6 inches, the tool is small enough to slip into a spare pocket on your bag, allowing for easy handling.   It’s approved for air travel, too, so your cheapskate ass can bring it along for cutting newspaper coupons even when you’re going halfway ’round the world.

The Slice Safety Cutter is a ceramic blade that’s touted to be almost as hard as diamonds.  Because of the material, it can last longer than steel equivalents, apart from being unaffected by rust.  The ceramic blade is recessed, so it’s doubly difficult to hurt yourself using it (safer than any scissors).  Note that we’re not saying impossible, since, let’s face it, some people seem to find a way to use anything benign destructively.  There’s a key hole on the thing so you can hang it on your fob, as well as  a built-in magnet that lets it stick to your fridge door.

Using the microscopic ceramic blade, you can cut paper, slice envelopes and tear plastic packaging with a simple swipe.  According to the reviews, the blade is so small that you can use it to clip magazine articles without damaging the page right under the one you’re cutting (if you intentionally lighten the pressure).  Do note that this will scratch wood or glass if you slice hard enough, so be careful when working on a table surface you’d rather not damage.

Even better than all that, the Slice Safety Cutter is cheap.  You can get it now for less than 6 bucks