Slice Your Dinner Like A Medieval Madman With The Two-Handed Great Sword

Don’t like guns, but enjoy intimidating people? Put a medieval-style scare on your neighbors by walking around the street with the Two-Handed Great Sword, a battle-ready blade that’s so big you’re gonna need two hands to keep it under control.

Created by blade-makers Cold Steel, it is the biggest sword in their arsenal and is designed to make short work out of whatever you plan to use a sword for. Whether it’s for looking like the scariest guy in your next medieval convention, chopping two pigs in half at the same time (seriously, they do it on the video below) or putting the hurt on two boots filled with meat that attack you in the middle of the night (yes, it’s in the video too), we can’t imagine a more efficient tool for the job.

The Two-Handed Great Sword sports an almost 40-inch carbon steel blade that can pop balloons, cut through bovine skull and pierce through car’s bodies with ease. Along with the leather-wrapped wooden handle, the whole thing measures 55.25 inches long, weighing 109.5 oz. It features a large guard with side rings to help protect your hands against sword-toting evil knights, parrying hooks to shorten the length for stabbing attacks and a heavy steel pommel for counterbalance.

Large and dangerous, it’s designed for big, strong guys who can wield a heavy blade. Just like a grenade launcher, which happens to be more powerful. If you hate guns, though, this should really prove more intimidating for protecting your home than a baseball bat can ever hope to be.

Watch guys samurai the snot out of innocent but tasty pigs and cows with the $550 Two-Handed Great Sword at the video below.

[Cold Steel via Geekologie]