This Slice&Sharpen Cutting Board Houses A Built-In Knife Sharpener

It’s easy enough to reach for the knife sharpener when you’re slicing up meat and realize it’s gotten a little too dull for comfort.  Until you realize the knife sharpener isn’t actually in the second drawer like you remember.  In fact, you can’t even find it anymore.  Yeah, that sucks.  If you had a Slice&Sharpen, your blade sharpening tool will never be too far away.

Made by Joseph Joseph, it’s an erstwhile plastic cutting board with an integrated ceramic facility where you can grind your knives for restoring their quick-slicing edges.  That way, when the knife  is proving harder to sink into the thick slab of beef like you’re used to, you can simply sharpen it a bit without having to rustle through drawers, cabinets, and other kitchen hiding places.

To use the Slice&Sharpen’s blade honing tool, you stand it upright, with the ceramic tool situated on the lower right area.  Grip the top edge of the board, place the knife inside the slot, and draw the blade forwards and backwards a few times.  That’s it.  The board features a non-slip rubber edge that ensures a strong grip on its footing while you sharpen the blade, along with a blade-friendly cutting surface designed to prolong the time it takes for the knife to dull.  Just make sure to wash off any blade filings left on the board before using (unless you like a hint of metal mixed in with your steaks and stews, in which case, enjoy).

Available now, the Slice&Sharpen retails for £12.

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