SlimScan SS100 Full Color Scanner Can Fit In Your Wallet

Ever gone through your day and muttered to yourself, “I wish I had a scanner with me”?  I haven’t.  But if you have, you might just be intrigued by the SlimScan SS100, a card-sized color scanner that supposedly fits in your wallet.

Created by PlanOn, the gadget is reportedly the first full-color scanner to take on such a miniature form factor.   Which isn’t surprising, considering you can just snap a cellphone photo of anything you’d like scanned.  In case you prefer the better quality of a scanned image, though, we can’t imagine anything more convenient.

We don’t have the exact dimensions of the SlimScan SS100, but the website claims that the stainless steel body can fit comfortably in your wallet, allowing you to pull it out for quickly scanning receipts, business cards and pictures right when you need it.  Chances are, it will be better suited to one of those longer wallets that stick out of your backpocket, though, instead of smaller, pocket-sized billfolds.

Designed for one-touch operation, the scanner can capture images in both color and black-and-white, with 300dpi quality in JPG file format.  There’s also a small onboard LCD (so you can see the image that you’re capturing), along with built-in storage (up to 600 images) that you can access from a PC via USB.  A copy of ABBYY’s OCR software is included, as well, for converting  scanned images into editable text that you can easily import into a variety of PC applications.

The PlanOn SlimScan SS100 is available now, priced at $119.99.