Slingpop Adds A Bottle Opener To A Slingshot, So You Can Shoot Stuff And Drink Beer All Day


It doesn’t matter how old you get, either – slingshots are still fun. Whether you’re hunting birds, shooting bottles, or sniping at zombie targets, there’s something innately satisfying about sending a small piece of rock (or steel, if you’re hunting) flying off at high speeds. A day of shooting at objects with a slingshot is always best capped off with a round of ice cold drinks of your favorite beverages and that’s what the Slingpop is designed to accommodate.

A slingshot with a bottle opener at the handle, it’s, like, the humble slingshot finally found its true second calling. After all, a small cooler filled with ice cold beer (or soda, depending on which you prefer) is always a nice accompaniment to a day of slinging shots, whether you’re doing it in a nearby lake, a backwoods camping spot, or right in your backyard.


Made by Burnley Design, the Slingpop is a traditional-looking Y-shaped slingshot that’s made from 6061-T6 aluminum, with a thick band for plenty of power during use. Sporting a slim profile, it’s designed to sit comfortably in a back pocket, allowing you to keep it on-hand at all times. Each one is CNC-machined to precise dimensions, tumbled (to both deburr and smooth the surface), and glass bead-blasted for a fine textured finish. It comes in several color-anodized options and ships with 50 6mm metal BB projectiles for ammo.


Want one? Burnley is currently running a Kickstarter to fund the Slingpop. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $100.

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