Slotdog Scores Your Hotdogs To Keep Condiments From Sliding Off


Eating hotdogs? Always a good thing. Problem is, it tends to always get messy, too, with the mustard, ketchup, and whatever else you put in there sliding off the meat and dripping down at some point during the process of wolfing the darn thing down. The Slotdog claims to help keep that from happening.

You know how some people will use a knife to put deep slices along the top of their hotdogs, giving the frank scored sections that expand during cooking where sauces and condiments can sink in? Well, that’s what this thing does. Except, it does that by making your hotdogs look like pineapple skin (or dragon scales, if you want to make it sound cooler), giving your meat a whole lot more places to hold those favorite condiments when you pour them on.


The Slotdog measures 12.3 inches long, with blades from end to end, allowing it to accommodate both footlongs and shorter franks, so you can score every hotdog in sight before throwing them on the grill. It scores hotdogs only one side at a time, so you can mark the whole thing or just a single section. More than serving as canals to keep your condiments in check, the sliced sections also give the hotdogs a unique appearance that should make them more fun for kids, apart from helping caramelize the squared edges during cooking.


Available now, the Slotdog is priced at $17.88.

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