Slow Down Your Teens With Ford MyKey


There’s a common school of thought that teens tend to drive too fast. These new drivers get a little bit too confident too quickly, it seems. Unfortunately, the road accident statistics back this up.

However, 2010 will see the release of a gadget from Ford that aims to put parental minds at rest a little and have Mums and Dads sleep a little easier at night. The Ford MyKey is set to revolutionise how parents can control their teenager’s driving habits. Operated by a tiny chip inside the ignition key, the Ford MyKey can control certain elements of the car.

Most importantly, this chip can prevent the car from exceeding 80mph, thus stopping psycho speed driving by over eager new drivers! There are a couple of other features too, such as the ability to also configure the chip to set a maximum volume at which the driver and set the audio player. Another is to enable to chip to set off rather irritating reminders or alerts if the driver does not have a seatbelt on.

As such, this device really has the potential to make massive changes to the way parents control their children’s driving (or even how spouses control one another’s driving for that matter)! It’s a fairly simple concept when you think about it and really does make you wonder why we haven’t yet seen something quite like this.

Of course, nobody can ever ensure complete in car safety for either passengers, drivers or other road users. But the fact that parents can now rest assured that their tearaway teen won’t be tearing up the roads at ridiculous speeds will make this a popular tool, I am sure. The good news is that this is will be a standard feature on some of the newer Ford cars and I don’t imagine it will too long before other manufacturers begin incorporating similar systems.

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