Just Rub Any Punctures On The Wolverine Pack To See It Seal Itself


It looks like any ordinary compact bag. You know, the kind you’ll bring to the gym for a workout, to the trail for a day hike, or to the beach for a day of recreational watersports. Unlike other bags, though, the Slughaus Wolverine Pack is cut in a self-healing fabric that can fix itself whenever it incurs punctures and small cuts. You know, like its namesake from The X-Men.

Made from an improved nylon ripstop called FuseFabric, you can quickly seal holes in the bag by simply rubbing the damaged area, using the combination of heat and friction to make it “regenerate.” We’re not entirely sure how the fabric is able to do that, although being able to fix holes and cuts without having to patch the bag sure seems particularly convenient, especially for folks like me who can’t sew if my life depended on it.


The Slughaus Wolverine Pack is a tube-shaped bag with a roll-top closure that’s designed to be carried across your torso like a sling. It measures 22 x 7 inches (length x diameter), which should make it ideal for day trips, although it’s probably too small for use as an everyday bag, especially if you carry a laptop around. Because of the roll-top design, the bag can be shrunk down to a small five-liter pouch when you don’t need to carry much, all while stretching to a 20-liter pack when fully expanded, giving you plenty of options on how to carry it each time out.

Aside from its self-healing capabilities, the fabric is water-resistant, too, so you can bring it to the beach without worrying about getting all your gear wet. Do note, it’s not designed to be immersed in the water, although splashes, rain, and accidental drops onto the water (just pick it up immediately) should pose no issues. The roll-top’s buckled strap, by the way, doubles as a convenient carry handle.


To help reinforce the bag, the Slughaus Wolverine Pack comes with a dual-layered base (both the bottom and the lower six inches), so it can hold up to heavy loads all while protecting your gear when set down on hard and rough surfaces. The entire bag, by the way, is designed to be packable, rolling into a size no bigger than an iPhone if you want to carry it in your pocket for later use.


It comes with a nylon strap that can be adjusted to wear the bag close to your body, so you can keep it on while staying active without having your bag swinging all over the place. That way, you can keep it on whether you’re running on a trail, riding your bike, or paddling on a SUP. And, yes, the strap is removable if you prefer to carry it by hand (such as when you’re using it as a five-liter bag).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Slughaus Wolverine Pack. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $59. It comes in two colors: burnt orange and slate gray.

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