Your Car Is Now A Pantry: The Smart Pot To Go

Who says only gadgets get to find their place inside your car?  Now, your kitchen appliances can join the fray and it starts with this: the Smart Pot To Go Portable Heating Appliance.

You heard right — it’s an in-car kettle.  The base, which actually produces the electrified heat, is supposedly mountable.  No word from the product page on where (or how) you’re supposed to mount the thing securely.  If you can’t find a spot, we’re pretty sure Amazon has some duct tape for sale.

The  Smart Pot To Go looks like a standard electric water heater (complete with an illuminated switch and auto-shutoff feature), except for the 12V cigarette lighter plug instead of a regular wall plug at the end of the 6.5 foot power cord.   The 20-oz water container with a snap-on lid is removable, so you can pull it off for pouring to a cup while driving at 80 mph on the highway (what can I say, you live on the edge).

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in traffic and hankering for something hot (like a cup of choco or some instant noodles), then this thing should handily make that possible.  It’s available from TYKNE, priced at $25.

[TYKNE via Red Ferret Journal]