Smittens: A Hand-Holding Mitten For Two

Mittens are great for keeping your fingers toasty.  But they can be quite inconvenient if you like holding hands with your partner.  Not if the sweet couple is wearing Smittens — an oversized wool mitten built to hold two hands.

The product page cheekily calls it the “glove of love.”  And we guess that’s about right.    I mean, dressing up for cold weather is uncomfortable enough.  Having to share a single accessory that attaches you like siamese twins conjoined at the limb should plant the seeds for some hilarity.

Perfect for couples who can’t live without public displays of affection, the Smitten should make cold nights out just a little bit warmer.  And maybe colder for the forever lonely guy sitting in the corner looking at you happy dbags.  Just make sure to synchronize where you’re going.  Oh yeah, one of you has to take their hand off before going to a public bathroom.  Just saying.

The wool mitten for two comes with two extra single-hand mittens, so you can cover your non-clasping hands with color-coordinated gloves.  Only problem?  It’s one size only.  And man, I bet it sucks if your hand is as small as your girl’s.  Tee-hee.

The Smitten is available for preorder on Firebox, with shipping slated for next week.  Price is £24.99.