This Smuggler’s Belt Is Mighty Sneaky

Need to smuggle something small in the most inconspicuous way possible?  We’re not sure what professional smugglers use to perform their sneaky tricks, but for erstwhile regular folks like us, this Smuggler’s Belt should do the job just fine.

Made by Barrett Alley, the erstwhile fashion accessory looks like a run of the mill leather belt doing nothing more than holding up your pants so your knickers don’t get exposed.  Hiding away from sight, though, is an inconspicuous pocket hidden behind the metal buckle which you can only access once the belt is taken off.  That way, no matter how many times you get patted down or inspected, there is no way anyone’s going to find the treasures you’ve so discreetly hidden.

The Barrett Alley Smuggler’s Belt is made with 10 oz vegetable-tanned cowhide and measures 3 cm wide.  Made to order, each one is hand-cut and hand-sewn, with the iron buckle manually forged.   The hidden pocket, which stays closed the whole time the belt is worn, measures 1 x 3.5 inches (w x l), making it a perfect compartment for smuggling bank notes, folded treasure maps and magic invisible dust (just in case you are caught with no way out — hey, they do it in the movies).

Granted, if someone is thorough enough to make your strip your clothes and inspect every single item, they just might be able to find whatever stash you’ve got hiding in the belt.  We’re betting those moments will come few and far between, though, so don’t even worry about it.

The Smuggler’s Belt is available now, priced at $245.

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